Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last page of the year

So, this is the last page of the year.

And the last page of the year is not written on the year, instead, it is written on the year after that year, i.e., it is written on 2008 while not 2007.

Close my eyes. Flash back.

I see:

Things which are remarkable
- Worked for a lawyer who seek for perfection
- Get a braces
- Joined a netball competition
- I have my first homosexual friend
- Adopted 3 hamsters - 1 died
- I get to know that I can't donate blood
- Concert Just For You 3
- I get scammed for not less than 3 times

Things I'm glad I have done
- I permed my hairs
- I practise yoga

Things I feel sorry for
- Frequent arguments with baby
- Beautiful lies to my family to cover things about baby

Things I will want to do
- Travel, travel and travel *sigh* I'm still caged by my family

Things I wish for
- Baby will be accepted by my family
- More freedom from my family
- To have a more organized schedule
- To be happier

I have never been satisfied with my own life. For what I have. Seriously, I crave for more. I really wish to have more in this brand new year.

Happy new year people.

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