Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Say no to adultery

I came across the following statement while I was flipping my textbook:

"in Islamic law, the Qur'an prohibits adultery by making it a crime, and subjects the parties to the hudud punishment of flogging or stoning;

in Ancient Greece, ... in a more deterrent mode, the seducer risked physical penalties - the most widely used of which involved pushing radishes up his backside, or pulling out his pubic hair!"





Flogging and stoning does not seem really relevant.

The Ancient Greece's punishment?? whoa!! brialliant, I should say. So damn relevant you can see it.

So.. matter arised.. how do they measure the seriousness of the punishment??
(I'm concerning the one at Ancient Greece)

How many bulus did they have to pluck??

And how should they pose while the punishment is on??

And who was gonna run this punishment??



Pushing up radishes up his backside?? I guess, homosexual was yet to exist. Otherwise, this would be nothing for them. I guess, guessing only.

I am strongly against adultery.Why don't Malaysia make it a crime?? duh...

If my partner once cheat on me, well well well.. be ready for this punishment.

'Stupid!! he definitely won't just stone there and let you pull out his hairs!!'

Oh well, well, of course, I'm not gonna tell him before I do this. I will tie him up in those kind of SM poses, and... *evil smile* .....*evil laugh*

Clever. Really clever. Girls, learn from me. Guys, learn from me too.

Gosh. This is way too perv. What was I thinking??????


Nigel said...

Yeah...what were u thinking? hahahahhaha...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

It's alright to be perv at once~~~
Guys are not only perv at once btw.