Saturday, January 19, 2008

1st February 2008

There will be two events going on at the same time on this Wilayah Persekutuan day.

1) QQ's farewell party

2) ATC student ball

(taken from here coz I really couldn't find one online - not even on the ATC site. and I do not have any copy with me. and this event suppose to be on 11th Jan - according to ATC student services calendar)

At first, I was in dilemma. And so, and i made a list of the pros and cons of going to QQ's party and student ball.

1) QQ's farewell party - Pros

i) more time with friends of course
ii) able to help out at QQ's kitchen, which I enjoy a lot
iii) able to catch up more juicy gossips

QQ's farewell party - Cons

i) meeting same old faces (but they could never bore me...)
ii) it would be tiring

2)Student ball - Pros

i) an excuse to shop again
ii) erm....

Student ball - Cons

i) expensive - dress and ticket
ii) not really close to collegemates - yet
iii) balls have always been boring

more on here

(I actually don't know who this guy is.. well.. 1 of my college mate)

and and.. while I was staring the poster at the cafeteria, thinking whether I should go, I saw a gramatical error here...

Spot it.

Yet to spot it?? Nah nah.. here...

I'm sorry ATC, or SRC, I do not know whose fault is this.

I am particular in picking up errors on posters, as I did the same before. But this... done by a lawyer-wanna-be?? Mr. Lazarus, did you check it??

I admit that I am really not that good in English. I don't speak like Guai Lou, neither do I write like PinkPau. I am chinese educated. Don't pick on my English k??

Oh yea, QQ, wait for me. Will be there for you.


april said...

yoyo blog huh...i saw the comments u left ..thks for being supportive thought..erm, u actually pick on other ppl's errors ?? huhu..though time for me then cause i speak n writes cow's english...gaga..i saw ur pic uploaded..u'r pretty..and everything will be fine in 2008..all the best to us k! cheers!

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

not really 'picking'.. accidentally saw it... what a law school we are in...

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...
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