Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stockholm syndrome (2)

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Read this.

Can die or not?
I'm suffering from the same syndrome.

I fell in love with someone who was...

How should I put it?
I don't want to use harsh words like disgusting or ugly because it's very de offensive la.

if I were to rate him,
it would be 1 out of 10.
At least everything of his was complete.

He was fat,
has thin hair,
thick lips,
oriental eyes,
onion nose,
and thick palm.

Alright picture it.

It too vulgar.
I can't do it.
It's truly vomit-inducing.

He's even more disgusting than the taxi lou.

But here's the twist.
As I have mentioned earlier,
I fell in love with him.


You say,

The best part?

He kidnapped me.

Yes. I was kidnapped.


Didn't know that I even get kidnapped?

It's not something I felt proud of.
I just don't feel like spreading it, although I sorta like doing it now.
I can't hide it anymore.
I have to tell,
but I wasn't able to do it through my teeth.

I can't remember the details very well.
I was too scared at that time.
Was locked in a dark abandoned house,
like those happened in a movie or a drama.
Food and drinks were provided.
Nothing special.
Forgotten how to solve my bladder problems though.

Don't worry,
my family paid the ransom,
everything is alright.
We didn't lodge a police report,
I fell in love with him, the kidnapper, that very person we were supposed to charge and put him behind the bar.

who would entertain a case which happened in my dream?

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MY said...

oriental eyes
onion nose

is tat me??

ur descriptions sounds like me!!!

juz tat..
i m nt a 'he'...