Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm glad to have reincarnated as a human instead of a tree so that I wouldn't have to be processed into papers and become a diary.

It's difficult to keep secrets, especially when it's something happy,
something of which you would want to spread it off on behalf of the person who told you that secret.

Well, that's the difficult part.
See, I'm a kaypoh, and I love knowing something which others don't know.
I feel privileged that way.
The hard part is that I can't use it as a gossip topic.
So friends have faith on me and keep on feeding me with their secrets,
and the more I get from them, the more I feel like bursting it out but I can't!!
That's difficult.

I really don't get why wouldn't that someone share it with everyone.
Oh, maybe that particular person did, in the same way he/she shared with me.

'It's a secret, please don't tell anybody else.'
That's what he/she told everyone.
He/she wanted to make it low hence he/she used this way.

Then when any of the listener spread it off to another listener,
the second listener would go like 'oh he/she told me the same too!'
then indirectly the whole world would get to know that piece of news.

I'm not a diary, and I'm glad that I'm not, otherwise I would have to take more secrets,
but your secrets are still safe with me.

What crap am I talking about?

*Tony Starks, if you are reading, I don't refer to your secret.
I refer to someone else's.*

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