Thursday, October 7, 2010


It is vital that you understand Cantonese and Chinese in order for you to read this post.

I'm amazed by the power of language.
I'm amazed that people are able to communicate with and understand each others by words.

I mean, this is not something gifted by God, I suppose.
God did not teach us how to speak, how to read, how to write.
Our parents or our guardians or our teachers do.

So, my mother tongue is Cantonese.
I think I started learning Chinese in kindergarten, and fall in love with it thereof.
Needless to say, I understand Malay and English.
Hello, it's Malaysia. Who doesn't understand this?
I know a little of Italian too...
Okay I feel guilty saying so.
I can't speak Italian - I just know a bit of their terms - we have to memorise all those in our music theory.
My ex boyfriend used to communicate in Hakka with his friends and hence,
not only do I understand Hakka,
I can speak too.

That's why I said,
language is amazing.

Well, it is a known fact that most of the Malaysians know at least 3 languages
Most of us couldn't be able to profess in except for the mother langauge.
Hey no, even our mother language are emblazoned [or rather tainted] with our very own Malaysian elements.
Eg, we dont' pronounce 什么 as shen3me although it is the accurate pronounciation but we said sommok instead.
We usually shorten 这样 into 酱.

As for Manglish, please click here.
It's rest assured that you will be amused by those familiar terms.

Well yeap, this is our nature which non-Malaysians might find it difficult to understand.

So, not only Malaysian come out with their own languages,
we among ourselves do create some alien terms too.

Come, let me share some of them with you.

Again, if you don't understand Cantonese/Chinese,
you will not be able to understand the following terms,
except perhaps for the last one.

Hot noisy, etc.
This is a direct translation from the chinese word, 热闹.
The hamka family loves this kind of translation.
Oh speaking of so, hamka stands for 冚家 in chinese,
means whole family.

How sweet...~

In Malay, this would mean representative.

If you speak Cantonese, I'm sure that you have came across this phrase:
Direct translation: Pretend as a pro while you have little knowledge of something.

So the Chung family really hate people who talk a lot especially when they don't have much substance per se.
But we are a bunch of kind people you see,
we hate hurting others.

In order to conceal our evilness,
we came out with this term.

So when someone talk too much,
we would just refer him/her as wakil.
It is all understood then.


When the hamka members run out of words in an argument,
and they don't feel like cursing (hamka is such a civilised clique yo),
they would use Numpetkia.

Example of usage:
Don't be so numpetkia can or not?
numpetkia la u!!

From the above instances,
you can see that the range of usage for numpetkia is really wide.
It doesn't bear a specific definition,
it can be implied as foolish, brainless, useless, etc.

The best thing is,
people wouldn't even get hurt if you use this word.

It's one of the hamka member's nickname created in a Dota game.

Strictly speaking, it shares the similar usage with numpetkia.
In another word, it's the cute version of numpetkia.

Don't be so chibubu can or not??
Chibubu la you!!

I find it cute and I name the mommy cat who just gave birth to four kittens at my front yard after it.More on this later.


(块衰 is to be pronounced gao shui)

This is improvised from the word 大块衰.
Please don't attempt to read it in Chinese.
This phrase doesn't exist at all.

So during high school,
we have this 块衰家族.
We would name the members according to the body size.
The girl who has the smallest size would be named 细细块衰,
followed by 细块衰,and so on.
I am of middle size among the clique hence I was named 中块衰.

Ajeedoo, Ajeedee, Ajee guh luct dai hou chow.
Read aloud.

Still don't get it?
Read again.

Don't get it?
Alright, you don't understand Cantonese.

It is a song created by my younger sister and brother.

Ajeedoo, Ajeedee, Ajee... doesn't mean anything.

Guh Luct Dai can be translated as armpit,
while hou chow means very smelly.

It's such a disgusting song which came with hilarious moves but I just can't stop laughing when they performed it.

I wished that they could do it again but their image prevails everything,
so even if they are willing to perform it,
they would want it to keep it private.

Oh by the way, the second verse sounds like the following:
Ajeee dooo....
Ajeee deee....
Ajeee Guh Luck!
See Fuct Jai hou Chow....

Those who can understand cantonese,
read out loud, and try to decode the words la.

Kuku sotong

This is a famous guys' game in my brother's high school.
Kuku means penis in... Cantonese? Child's language? Hokkien? Malay?
Not important, as long as you know that by kuku we refer to penis and by sotong we mean squid.

Basically the victim will be pushed against the floor by a bunch of guys,
while one of them hold the victim's legs in his hands,
and press one of his foot against the guy's penis so to make the guy's penis look like those squid's legs.


Yes you do.

K la.
That's all from now.
I will write more if any strikes my mind again.


the Hamka representative said...

u nuumpetkia la !
nuumpetkia got 2 'u's one ok!

and its JI-bubuh! not chibubu!

anyway both of these words has been copyrighted by the hamka family.


My said...

the last pic..
meh lei geh....