Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thank you all.
For all the comforts.
For all the virtual hugs.
For all the calls.
For all the messages.

Thank you zimuis.
For all the bitchy conversations.
For all the unfair comparisons ahaha.
For all the hugs.
For all the songs.
For the breakfast.
For the karaoke session.

Actually I do feel that it's good to let me know earlier leh.
It's better to sei sam (direct translation: die heart) rather than to be foolishly covered against the truth.
Yeap. Made it clear.
Hello I'm attached now. Please do not disturb.

Welcome back again Shang~
Shang shall hunt for another target now.

I announced it to the whole world.
I can't help but to share.
Thank God for the bunches of friends.)


april said...

ni si jui hao de!

lolx. did i get the pin yin right??
love u always bitch~~ why is this bitch thing kinda back in trend..??

Cheryl a.k.a. Shang Hui said...

ur pin yin is so cute~~~
got it biatch~

terence said...

april , u pin ying is wrong , should be ni shi zhui hao de , . nvm , dont worry , we learn from miss take. jia you jia you