Friday, September 11, 2009

Marmalade cafe with sista

I usually don't call April sista.
I guess we prefer calling each other biatch.

Can't help but to relate Marmalade to Moulin Rouge.

'hey sista, soul sista..'

Cut it.
Stop being lame.
Sing to yourselves.
Back to the point.

Ah yes. Marmalade Cafe.Iconic wheel.
With the sista's hand.

I had a sudden craze for cupcakes. Or anything sweet.
Hence I dragged April along because I don't like to eat alone.
It's bad to have no one to share your feeling with.Sista's hot chocolate. Which was claimed to be too sweet by her.
I Their Fettucine (do I spell it correctly?) Salmon which was ordered by April was so buttery disgusting.
Seriously I have never seen something so oily before.

Oh and I didn't have proper meal.
I took an order of an Oreo Cupcake and a Tiramisu.
Never intended to have Tiramisu for that night but it looks uber tempting~
This little devil, I tell you, is super cheesy alright?
I had a cup of high-kcals and low-GIs that night.
It is undeniably smooth and creamy, but!!
I prefer something more cakey though.
Yes yes yes this might be the tiramisu which is nearer to the original one (I used might because I really have no idea how the original tiramisu tastes like) but yes, as I said, I prefer it to be layered more with cakes.
It's still a bliss to have this if you are a super fan of mascarpone cheese.

And the next.
Oreo cupcake.
Hi~ Say Sweeeeeeeeeettttt~~~Whoolamak.
I am truly a sucker for Oreo.
I would try out anything with the word Oreo tagged with it. (yes la u dirty-minded would think of Oreo Poo or Oreo Shit or Oreo Crap or whatever it is right? So childish la u ish...)
I have an incredible sweet tooth but this cake is unbearably sweet.
I should have expected a sweeet sweeet cake since it's Oreo yea?
Yes maybe.
But it was really way too sugary for my liking.
The first bite was like... Aw. I had to finish this piece of sugars by my own?
Well, by sinking your teeth into the icing of the cake was like eating the filling of the oreo without having the cookies. I know some of you out there do eat the filling and the cookies separately. I have no idea of how one could stand this tooth-aching sweetness.

Anyway. This ultimate sweetness still could not defeat me from keep on looking for sweet stuff.
Their carrot cakes are getting positive reviews. Perhaps I should try it one day.
And oh. Their blueberry cheesecake looks good too.

Goodbye Marmalade. Perhaps I will be backed for some other good-looking babes of yours.

Surprisingly I took no picture of myself that night.

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april said...

sista you labelled me as??!!?
Eewk. The biatch thingy is much better. lolx