Thursday, September 3, 2009

The long term happiness

One of my question in the 'How well do you know me' Facebook quiz sounds like this:
'When is my happiest moment?'
A. When I'm with my boyfriend
B. When I'm with my family
C. When I have good food
D. When....

I forgotten the the 4th and 5th options and I'm too lazy to check it again since that's not the point of this post.

The answer would be B.

Distance works magically I tell you.
We were not as close when we stayed under one roof last time.
Jealousy, hatred and other negative issues did arise among us during the time we faced each other everyday.

Thank God, those issues has now long gone with the distance.

During the last summer break, before hiking the Mount K, we explored Kundasang.

We visited the cow farm, which a lot of people claim that 'it's beautiful' and 'it doesn't look like Malaysia'.

You people don't la be like that eh... There are a lot of beautiful places which yet to be discovered in Malaysia. You guys are too busy exploring the other countries until you forgotten your own nation. Due to economically reason, I could only stay in our own country hence yea, there are a number of beautiful places I have seen in Malaysia.

Those cows in the cow farms are pathetically skinny. Yes, black and white, look totally imported, and doesn't look like some creature which would be in Malaysia.

And look at those fences, ain't they beautiful??
'Doesn't look like something you would find in Malaysia right?'
'It felt so New Zealand, yea?'


We then went to this Pine Resort.
Eh. Or Perkasa Hotel?

Sigh despite going to those two hotels for so many time I'm still confused.
Anyway, that's not important.
We went to those places mainly for their ice-cream - not that they serve absolutely special ice cream though - it has just become our family custom to get their ice creams whenever we are at Kundasang.

Due to some reason, we skipped lunch. And my aunt gone really noisy because she is someone who is not able to skip any meal. Hence we got some bread instead of the ice cream, which broke our family custom because we never gotten any bread from this Perkasa Hotel.

Yea now I remember. We went to Perkasa Hotel first, then only to Pine Resorts.

Pine Resorts, as you can interpret from their name, grow a lot of pines, beautiful pines.
We had steamboat at Pine Resorts as my aunty was still hungry. =.=

Then the ladies went back to KK while four of us and my dad continued our photo-taking journey.

The next thing we did was to trespass a golf course nearby.

You would never fail taking beautiful pictures in the golf course, especially one with the mountains as the backdrop.

Look at my brothers. Damn mou liu alright??
After playing NFS4 they started to imagine themselves to be cars and hitting everyone else to get points or cash or whatever it is. I didn't play the game hence I don't know la.

And then it was dinner time. And we went back Mesilau Resort for dinner.
The end~
*short ending I have here*

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