Saturday, September 26, 2009

Goodnight. Goodday. Goodbye.

After days of being immersed in some self-assumed syokness, I guess it's time to pull myself from that imaginative mud.

I went to Arthur's Night.
It's ironic.
Arthur is the name of my only ex's.

Whenever the crowd shouted 'For Arthur!!!'
I shouted 'Fuck you!!!' prior to that.hello.

It's not the only coincidence.
4 years ago, we started our relationship at the 24th day of September,
and it was the 25th day of the same month.
It wasn't the exact coincidence but it was so near.

Alright. End of the story of my ex's.

You guys do know that I'm (can I change it to was?) pretty into someone.

I joined his group on Arthur's night.
(yealar dear uncle if you are reading I do mean you.)

I witnessed him started a relationship with his girl.

*can you hear some shattered sound?*

Damn it.
He and his girl walked me to the parking area.

*can you hear more shattered sound??*

And it's not easy to fake my smile.


And I thought I would be sad for a very long time.
I banned Black Eyed Peas' songs,
I banned the word 'crush',
I banned Sunway,
I banned =)
I banned almost everything related to him.

*tonight's gonna be the good night.
Tonight's gonna be the good good night.*
Wah. Sarcasticnye.

Bringing along the pain, I slept at 3.30am.
And woke up 1 hour later, thought of the whole incident, and then, slept again.
And woke up another hour later, and then still haunted by the incident, and sleep again.

And then it was 8.30am.
Surprisingly, I felt totally alright.

Well, I lied if I said that I lived another day as usual without feeling anything but...
I wasn't as sad as how I thought it to be.

Good day I had today.


I was allowed by my friend to be sad until 10th of October,
and the other friend of mine let me sad for a maximum period of 5 days.

I think I don't need it.

5 hours will do.

No need to ban anything anymore.
*tonight's gonna be the good night*

Maybe I'm just not that into him.

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