Monday, January 24, 2011

Short note

okay okay the last post was embarrassing so I have to post up something to push it down.

You see, I have painstakingly gathered my courage and written it down, bearing the risk that there's a possibility, however slight, that he would read it; and a probability, which is rather high, that my tech savvy dad would read it. (er hello dad, if you are reading)- I can't just click the delete button. I wish to make it as a reference so that I would know how a 24-year-old thinks when my children reach that age. Alright I can't treat my children base on myself as I know, I'm rather childish if compared to the peers. For the purpose of reminiscing, I'm not removing it... k?

(actually no one has asked u to remove it.
Stop being paranoid, woman)

And someone took the initiative to search this person up, which made me rather panic now. What if the anonymous is my dad? wow I'll be embarrassed to death la. Alright, worst position, it was my dad who found out, and.. so what? I can't do anything about it. I can't make him unfound it. Oh that reminds me of inception the movie.

(hello anonymous, now you understand me. if you are reading, please reveal your identity.)

Okay now I'm posting the next entry for the sake of pushing the post down.

I hope you are too lazy to read the previous post.

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