Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The end

We watched the first sunrise of the year,

One more.Broga it is.

Hence we ought to end it with the last sunset.

Oh aren't the lovely us romantic?
Please take us home then.


We die die didn't wanna watch the sunset at KL.
Sea and sand, of course you know that it's not KL.

So, Port Dickson we went.

Don't laugh eh.
Contrary to my belief, PD's sands are white and soft.
The texture of the sands are way better than those in Morib wei.Yes you can see that the color of the above picture is slightly different because I try to warmify the picture but it turns out to be the original version look better and it's almost time for me to sleep so that I won't be late to class tomorrow like how I was late to class today hence I leave the pictures as they are.

El Cactus restaurant we had chosen.
Since we were staying...
*yesh!! I found the benefit of checking in!!!!!!
It was Foursquare which reminding me of the hotel's name!!!*

Alright, I found,
we were staying at Corus Paradise Service Apartment,
which is located 207 steps away from the restaurant. <
If you are super duper truple quadruple hungry,
don't opt for this restaurant.
Food were good, though.
I purposely put up this picture to test your eyesight.
You can see a girl in a prison uniform and a mexican hat right?
Mou cho. That was me.
You can see two girls in broad smile and pointing at the hat right?
Mou cho. Those were Miao Yii and Yen Yee.
You can only see three yellow bright dots?
You ought to wear a night vision spectacles when you drive at night for the safety of the road users and also when you walk at night for the safety of the drivers and when you sleep too for the safety of whomever you will bump into in your dream.
*stop being lame Chung Shang Hui*

And please don't think that we had a quiet new year eve.
The hotel organised a beach party which charged each head RM70 as admission fee,
of which, we the kiamsiaper didn't attend, of course,
but were there to tumpang countdown.

Till then.
Happy new year.

Btw, these are the singles.
From left: Ng Chooi Yee (F,24,KL), Lee Mei Yi (F,24,KL), Liau Jia Liang (M, 24,KL), Chung Shang Hui (F,18,KL)
Do let me know if you are interested in any of them.

Let's hope that we will bump into our other half same time this year.

BTW I feel wrong lying.
You are a genius if you can spot my lie.

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