Sunday, August 9, 2009


As in... Fireflies~!!!
Which means... Kuala Selangor~!!
That links to... Seafood~!!
And the total unrelated one... Durian~!!

Well, I'd (note: had. No longer, because I'd been there woo lala~) been dying to watch fireflies at Kuala Selangor, despite that I have watched it last two years in Sabah. Guess I had been a really good girl this year and God granted me the chance for it.It so happened that Yen Ying wanted to watch too, and she demanded Nat's boyfriend, Yong to bring us along and we never thought that he took it seriously (and when I said so I do mean that he took it seriously and hence!! We got to watch!!!!) (*wet eyes)From left: Ying, Nat, Me

Lesson of the day: Voice out your desires. And Yen Ying really did a good job.Why that expression??!


We started off our trip (yea, a 5 hour trip) with food. When you tag along these girls, you really can't escape from good food. They are experts in it. Their expertise will be proven by the following pictures.Despo. As usual. (be it for food or a relationship)

Cream butter prawn. So good. The ultimate guilty pleasure is to finish off the butter floss. Can you imagine?? When the heavenly salty floss melts in your mouth, followed by a tinge of sweetnessss. Walao eh........ How come my dad never ordered this? We often go for those creamy wet type.

Sauna Lala. MUST TRY. The taste is not as special as the way they cook it anyway. But the sauce is good~
Bit bit of sour plus bit bit of salty. Perfect combination with the tasteless lala.

Yes yong. We know that. Lu LAla Lu lala lula lula ley.

Oh Jian. Whoa. Best of all. You fried your own egg+ oyster with the sizzling pan. But more expensive than the common oh jian. RM16 as compared to the usual RM5 or RM8.

Fishy. Not as good as what I had in Sabah.

Beh. Just to reduce the guiltiness. It is good anyway.

Shit I feel hungry now. I just had oat for dinner.
Walao that sizzling oh jian was ooolalaly sizzling good - anyway, anything with eggs are good.

Alright, then... The main dish - the kelip-kelip!! The name kelip-kelip is so suggesting - they really sounds like they are blinking.


We waited for about 30 minutes before we could really took the ride. Unfortunately, no lengzais were around hence had to find something else to do. Like...

Fireflies gazing. See la. It's fat now isn't it?? You wait. You better save it in your m2 months later I will take another picture of my legs again. And it will be much slimmer than this one. You wait.


And.... finally!!! The most exciting moment!! We couldn't really express our excitement because we were required to keep quiet - which was really difficult for us...

Basically the whole ride was quiet - except for the kecak-kecak voice made by Yong's DSLR. Yes, supposely, no camera is allowed - he brought it anyway.

Fireflies are... beautiful as I have thought it to be. Even a DSLR failed to show the beauty of fireflies.
But the truth is, no disappointment. The one you capture with your own eyes are the best.

The sky was even prettier - it is not easy to describe how pretty was it (because I have limited vocab.. =.= Okay I will read more)
Thank you picture. It was something like that - not entirely dark. Malaysia's 9.30pm sky not suppose to be like that. It's suppose to be darker I think. And this was like those perfect scene for the horror movies. As if a crocodile would attack us anytime. Or maybe a python.

And....End of kelip-kelip watching.

And you know what's next??
Scroll up again and see what I have written...
Or scroll down to see what I will be writing...


It was... whoa.... Heaven. As if I had not had durians for years. But the truth is that, I haven't had durians for months. (which is quite long for a durian-lover for me, okay??)Yes, thank you Ah Yong~

Those we had eaten were not the high quality type but it was sufficient to satisfy my craze for it. (shit I feel like eating again)Eat more la eat more la. Look at your very impressive waistline. Look at your very wow arms. Not forgetting the thighs. Eat. Eat. Eat more.

Perfect trip we had. Good one, Yong and Nat. (and Yen Ying too!!)The end.

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