Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Am too lazy to think of any creative title.
Have so used to the laziness nowadays.
Simple enough, hosting.

*comparatively few pictures were uploaded. My guests simply don't like to take pictures*

One Friday night, as usual, I had my labtop on my lab, watching tv while fooling around on the net, an US girl named Tamer text me on couchsurfing.org, told me that she and her sisters (two of them, aged 16 and 14 relatively) were staying at a guesthouse at Petaling Street by then, and asked if I could lend them a space for few days.

Then, you know what happened la. I promised. I wouldn't be here, writing this post, if I hadn't promised.

So on the next day, I picked them up at Petaling Street, and brought them to 金莲记 for lunch, thought that they would enjoy it.

Well, as I said, that was merely my thought.

I ordered claypot lou shu mee, Cantonese styled Yin Yong and the very famous Hokkien mee of which 金莲记 is known for (plus pork chop, which they requested for). Being someone whose college is at Petaling Street, of course I know what are good here.

It turned out to be... the 2 younger ones can't eat shrimp. If they were to eat it, somewhere at their neck would get swollen which leads to suffocation and... die.

Which means. Cantonese styled Yin Yong and Hokkien mee.

They could only have pork chop and Claypot Lou shu mee.
And they don't like it. Hence in the end, they eat very little, while the elder sister and me finished almost everything (except for the pork chop).

Anyway, let's skip the unhappy stuff (or rather happy stuff cause I got to eat all of my favs in one meal) and move on.

We then went to the Golden Triangle. The typical tourist spot.
Even am not a tourist the frequency of me going there is quite high as well.
Their purpose of coming to KL is not shopping hence we were basically mall hopping. From Time Square to Sungei Wang then to Lot 10 and head to Pavillion and lastly backed to Times Square again of which, the youngest one Caitlin requested some 'typical Western food' for dinner.

Papa John we went.

Selepas dinner, we walked through the cinema and little Hannah got really high when she saw the Harry Potter poster.
(yes. Harry Potter. I hosted them one month ago)
And then, yes, we went into the cinema.
They told me that they wouldn't be able to watch that as they would be traveling for another four months. The two young ones are not studying in the school anymore and their education is based on home schooling.

Tsk tsk tsk, something that us Asian would not go for.

'huh your son is not studying anymore?'
'haiyah how can let children travel liddat leh?'
'then cannot enter uni leh...
cannot enter uni cannot get cert leh..
cannot get cert cannot get rich leh..
cannot get rich cannot get family leh...'


Anyway, where was I?

Oh yea. Times Square. Papa John's. Harry Potter. Then home. And sleep.

Then it was noon when we woke up on the next day.
This is a boring day. I just brought them to buy some of their essentials, and some of the knitting tool (Chung Shang Hui is going to learn knitting~) and I went to fetch my brother at KL Central which we would passby National Muzeum (and we went) and then I went to work and my brother took care of them by bringing them to some food court and... The end.

The third day was rather exciting.

You would not have guessed what they wanted to do.

So they looked on wikipedia, and found out this volunteering program in the National Zoo and they got really excited about it and...

We went. I dragged my brother along as well.

I'd never thought of how a volunteer program in the zoo would be - I dare not to think of it.
I'm afraid of disappointment.
Since I have never tried it, there's no harm in doing so, right?
(yea the only harm is that Cheras ---> National Zoo = VERY FAR.
And I did not know the road to the zoo [thank you map] Shut up now I know already MRR2 go straight right? I'm smart thank you yadda yadda)

Alright, so we reached there at about 8.00am - on time. Malaysian timing doesn't apply on me when I am responsible for something. If we ever late for that, we wouldn't be entertained for that day and we would have to go for the next day.
I hate it when my guests get disappointed.

We went in this place called the education department and waited to be distributed.

And we got this sticker written 'Zoo Negara Volunteer'.Yea right.

The conclusion of all is that - it is not fun at all - except while feeding the bears and the otters.
Long tongue~
Preparing for supplement for the bears with bread wrapped around and dipped with honey~
And feed~

The demanding looks of the otters are cute~!!

We were basically doing something unproductive. Something that they wouldn't have done it if they were no so called volunteers.

For example,
okay this is not an example. My guests were cleaning the bear cage - it's a daily routine of a zookeeper, so they basically would do it even without us.

But for us....

Cleaning some literally bullshit place. It was besides the cage of the bulls.
So really, don't be surprised if you find any bullshi here.

Resting with the zookeeper.
The only zookeeper who treated us as human.

Biscuit from the states for teatime~

*back to work* >.< Bergotong-royong in cleaning the fish breeding area.

And... the end of the day.

At night we went to Malaysian's favourite place, the mamak stall.
The two young ones who craved for sugar love roti tisu to bits...
Ahhh.. Finally. There is some edible Eastern food. =.=

And that was the last night they slept at my place~

Sent them to KL Sentral next day, and yeap, that's the end of the story.

*like writing any essay during high school, we will have to write a conclusion - more often we would write down our own feeling towards the whole matter and that's what I'm gonna do now*

Hosting... Can be quite tiring.
Well, traditionally, you do not have to chauffeur and tour them around but I do believe in Karma. I was treated damn well when I was hosted hence I wanted my guests to leave a good impression about me too, particularly, about Malaysia.

It is not difficult to talk to someone that you don't know at all - afterall, you don't know them! You can basically share EVERYTHING because you know nothing about them.

Two weeks after that, I hosted an Austrian girl who is 3 months younger than me.
More pictures were taken with that girl and I will write about that in my post.

Btw, can I have some cream cheese frosting from the states? (they brought it around because they two young ones are sucker for sweet stuff)

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