Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have the mood to show you pictures.

Of the Kota Kinabalu trip.
The whole trip was really packed.
We went clubbing on the night of arrival.
Island hopping on the second day.
Water rafting on the third.
Then up to Kundasang and stayed up for one night on the fourth and fifth.
On the last day, we toured around KK town.

Hmm... Let me think which day to talk about first.
I don like to talk about it in order ark. Can or not? (can... it's your blog ma. Talk whichever you want la)
Ok then. I will write about.. Island hopping. Or clubbing.
(Haiyah nothing special about clubbing la. The club is lousy - by that I mean Shenanigan's at Hyatt Regency.)
Okla. Then write about island hopping lor.

(shit I'm talking to myself again. Stop lorrrrr)


Island. Means sun. And sea. And sand.
Do not expect bikinis from me. My tummy is impressively scary. Hence...

Yeap. It's good to have it covered. We first went to Sapi Island - which was nothing special.
We were actually prohibited to snorkel at one particular spot. Jellyfish season or sea urchin season or something like that.
We moved to another spot - which had nothing to see but sands. Sands = sienz.
We took a few pictures, and we moved to Manukan.

I tell you, if you can find someone who can look good in snorkelling gear, I give you 50 cents - because none of us do. Alright I know that we didn't look really gorgeous even without the gear but then we looked 100 times uglier with that gear. Proven by pictures.

She will kill me if she knows it. But again, she doesn't read my blog. So yea it's okay.

Before we talk about Manukan, look at Yen Ying's eye. Anyone out there feel like you wanna take care of this pity her?? She's single.
The right one, to be particular. Sand gone in or not used to salty sea water or something like that. She kept on tearing. It's rare leh to see someone crazy like her tear. Anyway she was still laughing even when she teared.

And next. Manukan island.Bye Sapi. I won't miss you. You are not pretty at all. Hmph.

It wasn't a sunny day. I secretly felt happy for that because I hate the tanned me. I had it enough in my St John's training. I looked terrible in tan. But!!! I didn't want it to drizzle either!!! which it did!!! Which... We couldn't take nice pictures!!! And most importantly... we wouldn't be able to play flying fish if the drizzling got heavier!!!

Yes it was expensive (RM60 once) but then we still wanted to play!! We had mentally prepare for the game and when we told that we might not be able to play we could literally feel the disappointment wave rush over us lor!!

But you know what???
Heh heh heh.
Again. I think I had been a good girl and hence, the weather turned good. (Thank you God!)
We could see the sun again and the staff finally willing to bring us out the sea - and go for Flying fish!!!
The boat ride was good - the spot to play the game was quite far from the island and we were glad! Thank God none of us is prone to sea sickness~
And solo.


Yen Ying. No more red eye yay!

Hi.Ahaha (cold laugh) lamenya.

Me and bian tai po Ng Yen Ying went for it first. She has such a name because she is obsessed with those crazy games. E.g, bungy jump, parachuting, etc.etc. Anyway, Nat and Elaine wanted the mild one, and me has to go for the wild one with si bian tai po.Why I looked so niang here?

The whole game is about the strength of your biceps. You have to grasp the handle in the whole 10 minutes - otherwise, you would fall. I thought of letting us falling in the last minute because we should try everything shouldn' t we??? Afterall we were wearing safe jacket and we would be safe (eh eh eh... not because I was lack of energy okay, I really thought of letting it go ON PURPOSE). But we didn't make it because it was too latee boohooo hooo...
Thank you abang whatever.

After that game, we backed to Manukan Island again.
From jetty.

We went snorkelling and that was when my Olympus mju 850 which claimed to be waterproof shockproof and shit died. I couldn't turn it on and the dealer helped me to hand it to Olympus (which costed me RM60 T.T 2 dresses T.T18 pairs earrings T.T 15 cupcakes T.T) and they said that the motherboard is hangkang and it would cost me blardy RM796 to repair it.

T.T. I've got no choice but to buy a new one. T.T.
Nevermind la. Look at this series of pictures. The quality ain't that good right???
Not sharp at all right?? Time to change right??
(sigh... Very rich arrr you?)

Anyway. Let me show you the last picture taken by my baby.

What the fuck. Literally.

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