Thursday, March 3, 2011

Non-existent guilt

Apology, like a confession, doesn't imply guilt.

You may blurt out the five-letter-word under duress.
Or for sarcasm.
Or to make amend.
Or to protect someone.

Mine is to the last case.
I have heard the unpleasant mumbles.
I know that if those mumbles realise into complaints, it would make the already terrible situation worse.

So I apologised before the rotten beans are spilled.
And I suffered the mental punishment.

The fact which exacerbate the bitterness is that the person who is at fault is having fun with the punisher.
She who is blamed for something she has never done is currently locked in her own room, thought to be pondering over her guilt.

Accept the fact.
It's just a tiny weeny tip of an iceberg.
I still have an infinite way to go.

I hopes that my EQ can be increased after the incident.

Good night.
Tomorrow will be a finer day.

Muesli and apple crumbs plus warm milk awaits.
Not forgetting the warm latte which would be slowly sipped during the traffic congestion.
And Mindy Gledhill's or Soho Dolls' or Alicia Keys', depending on my mood.
Most significantly, the preparation I have done for tomorrow's tutorial. Gosh. I'm gungho.

Yes. Tomorrow will be another good day.
Again. Sweet dreams. No. Remembering the dream is the synonym of not sleeping tightly.
No dream.

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Anonymous said...

get a new phone. =]