Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm sure that you have seen this scene in some shows:
A girl nonchalantly opened the closet door.
The piled up clothes spilled out the second the door was opened.
The girl was drowned by the clothes.
The end.

It is the exaggerated version of my life.

I have two closets, approximately 3 metres wide, 2 metres tall when two are combined.
Not very tiny, but the similar thing happened.
I wasn't drowned, but the pile of jeans fall off conveniently to my feet.

In the show, the girl would bent down and scoop up the overflown clothes,
stuck them into the closet,
and before the pile fall off again,
the girl slammed shut the door and promptly leaned on the closet door using all her weight, let out a sigh of relief, thought that she could prevent the pile from spilling out.

Very predictable.

The similarities ended here.

My plan usually succeeded, unlike that girl who would face a situation that the door sprang opened, and the girl got thrown to the other corner of the room. The door would normally shut as I wished.

*wriggle brows rapidly

But cannot la.
I can't face the same situation every morning.
I get very upset for the rest of the day.

A detoxification would do my closet good.

I opened the closet door again.
As expected, some of the jeans dropped out.
I bent into the closet, swept the rest of them onto the floor.
Really cool man.

And now, the difficult time.

The apparels couldn't fit into the closet not because my closet is small - I have too many of apparels. Unused one. Decades old. I even know how an esprit tag looked like 20 years ago. (some of my mom's 20-year-old bajus are some usual wear of mine, maybe I should show you guys one day. Vintage, in a literal sense)

I have donated some of them before, but a big part of them still remained, despite the fact that I can not fit into them anymore. My meals are getting nutritious, good sign.

But cannot la. I really have to get rid of some of them.
It's difficult to depart from something I have been seeing for so many years.

So I set out a three-tier test.
If that certain apparel can't pass that test, it has no choice but to go to the donation box.

1) Do I wear that? Yes, keep. No, next question.

2) Will I wear that? Yes, one day I will be slim and fit into that again. Yes very hopeful and optimistic. No, next question.

3) Does it serve a purpose? Yes, it reminds you that you had once completed 90 pumpings on the heated tarred road, with tears on your face; and you were a kelefe in the famine-30-hour-camp, etc. No, donation box.

In the end, 4 big bags were sorted out. I hope the toxin in my body could be flushed out that easy as well.

I didn't want to look into those bags anymore la, because I might feel too upset to dump some of them away.

So now you are thinking that I will say,

now, it's time to reload.

You don't understand.
Or you misunderstood me.

When I decided that some of the jeans should go into the donation box, I swear not to get more jeans for the time being. What else can I get? I have all kinds of jeans. All the while I had been wearing the similar pairs because I took the most reachable pair. And now every pair is reachable. I will be having difficulty in making a choice.

When I decided flipped through the t-shirts I swear again for not buying t-shirts at the moment. I had been wearing the same color because some of them are crumpled in between that pile of jeans.

And I definitely don't need any more bags.

So yeap, my closets would remain clean and spacious for the time being, unless I'm struck by some I-must-buy-a-dress-otherwise-there-is-no-chance-of-me-passing-exam kind of syndrome.

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u make me think of Rapunzel when she was trying to hide eugene in her wardrobe..