Monday, December 27, 2010

The big day?

Some say, it is the most important day in your life,
that is, your wedding day comes after it.

I doubt.

It was 9th of December, 2010.
Our graduation ceremony.

To me, it is merely a ceremony that I have to go through.
So what if I miss it?
My life still goes on (=_= of course. takkan you die?)
Really, that ceremony didn't really make a difference. (what do you expect then??)
I haven't started working yet. (oh that.. yea. now it makes sense)

Shut up.
Sorry, I was talking to my alter ego.
I can't go on if she keeps on interrupting me.
Sibuk betul.

Back to the track.
Well, most of the law graduates would continue furthering their studies,
we have to obtain the Certificate of Legal Practice before we could really be the law practitioners.
We are still students, after attending the graduation ceremony.
So I finally got to wear the graduation robe and the mortarboard,
which, I had worn for at least 2 times, (or 3?) since my age of 6.
We all had gone through decades of education,
2 years (or more) in pre-school,
6 years in primary school,
7 years in high school,
and finally, it only takes us 3 years to complete a degree.
3 years, are really insignificant if compared to decades of education we had previously had.
We didn't have to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus nor had our attendances taken during our college days.
We didn't have to be canned if we didn't complete our assignments. Oh, we called it homework back then.
We didn't have to stand on the chair nor by the door if we didn't bring our books.
We didn't have to be in uniform anymore - although we are still being restricted by dress codes in the college.
We didn't have to greet our lecturers in unison in the college.
We didn't have weekly assembly.
We didn't have...

Attending college seem to be easier than primary school and high school.

So what is so difficult about completing a degree course?

In your primary school and high school,
as long as you attend classes,
eventually, you would still have the chance to wear the robe and the mortarboard,
despite that there might be 7 F9s in your result.

The same thing doesn't apply in obtaining a degree.
It is a filtering process.
You have to be fine enough the go through the filtering layers.
One of my friend mentioned,
his mates in his A-level days are now nowhere be seen.
The same happens to me, and the rest of my current course mates too.
I bet that my friends in the current clique would not have thought that we would form such a combination.
We were only hi-bye friends by then.
Who would have thought that we would be discussing where to have lunch now?

The lunch gang

This is the difference between primary, high school days and college days.
Sad but true,
if one is not fine,
he or she will be left on the filter layer,
until he or she refines himself or herself.

And I have not reached the base.
I am still halfway through.
The only way I could make myself through is to keep on refining myself.

Done with the blues.
Relax bah people~

So nothing really special happened on that day.
It was quite a pathetic day la - I threw the mortarboard on my own - pathetic.
And I posed alone - pathetic x2.
No la, I didn't spoil the group picture, I was obediently serious when the photographer asked us to get ready.
And no la, I didn't throw the mortarboard on my own.
Not that pathetic.
Awesome shot by Jasmine Sia's dad - uncle Clement Sia.

And I performed - which was pathetic x3 because I didn't get to eat.
I swear I am not an attention seeker.
I wasn't choreographed in the middle all the time la.
Lalalalalala tell you the truth la, it wasn't a full split.

It turned out that my family reserved the food for me so it wasn't that pathetic hence we make it pathetic x2.
And it turned out that the food was blah so let us make it pathetic.

Let me tell you something la,
I wanted a boyfriend before my graduation ceremony,
so that I could have a mega bouquet of flowers,
but you know, I failed la.

I still have flowers from my family members =D
Miao Yii and Yim Fui given me a music box inserted in shape of a grand piano,okay it is proven that I look better with fringe

and the rest of the high school mates given me my Parker pen and an organiser.Yes I stressed my because my name is engraved on the pen.

Family and friends are simply amazing.
So am I.

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Anonymous said...

at least your performance was good.. :) and the food ain't that good anyway.. :P