Monday, July 18, 2011

IPL treatment at MySolution

Let me tell you, this is solely a girls' topic.

I know I know, it's useless making this statement.The guys are eager to read on regardless.
Especially when I specifically stated it's just for girls.

Anyway, I went for full Brazillian IPL treatment.

What's that?

Go Google. I'm not quite keen to explain it here.
Further, the pros provides more detailed and accurate explanation.

So why did I go?

See, I'm a cheap person.

I've always wanted to try Brazillian wax, always want to feel the cleanliness,
but I'm cheap.

One day, I was browsing one of those websites set up solely for cheap person like me,
and saw this promotion on the IPL treatment.
The price was discounted by... Can I not do the math?
Originally, it was RM1.2k per session,
on promotion, it was RM960 for 4 sessions.

So I bought it.
And have to refrain myself from shopping for bajus and heels and food in the following weeks.

I have no idea what kind of treatment is that.
I didn't even bother to check it online,
didn't check on the consequences or so.

True Shang Hui fashion.
Impulsive and careless.

And so I went.

Slight diversion from the main,
I appreciate the fact that I am a person of no sense of direction,
but I've never thought that I would get lost at The Curve itself.
I went from e@The Curve, passed through the Street, and went round and round at The Curve, attempting to look for the place.

Yes, the address was printed on the voucher, the crumpled recycled paper I had been holding for.
Yes, there is a directory board around, and I have roughly checked it out.
No, I didn't manage to find the said place at one shot.

True Shang Hui fasion.

So I was 30 minutes late.
It was a weekday,
so they had not much customers anyway.

Filled in some form, read some clauses.

The therapist then brought me in for a complimentary legs-soaking, with a heated herbal pad placed over my shoulder.

I would call this calm before the storm.

Upon doing so, she directed me to a changing room,
and asked me to use the antiseptic for cleaning purpose.

And so I did.

I was then brought into that room of torture.
Yes, I paid to have pain inflicted upon me,
which I had no prior knowledge of.
Oh I'm such a masochist.

She started off by shaving.
Rather ticklish. And embarrassing.

My therapist was good anyway.
She eased the tensed situation off by chattering it through.
She told me her own experience on getting the treatment,
and some of her customer's stories.

She was amazed by one of the customers who talked on the phone while getting the treatment.

Huh? Why the amazement?
What's wrong with talking on the phone?

You will know.

Actually prior to all these, she recommended a cream, which she alleged would ease the pain while undergoing the treatment.
The problem was, I wanted to get back to college library in the shortest time possible.
I needed to study.
I am a nerd like that.
It required some 40 minutes for the cream to be absorbed before undergoing the treatment.

And so I passed.

Alright, back to the room of torture.

So I had gone through a round of embarrassment.

Next round was better though.
I was asked to wear a pair of goggles as the laser light can be very harmful to my eyes.
So I obeyed.
Better this way, at least I saw nothing.

I will give you one zap, so that you can get a feel of it.
If you cannot tahan, just let me know ya.

Okay, you managed to scare me.... can??

The zap will come after 3 beeps, alright?

And so I felt a tip pressed against the skin,
zap! + flash!

I know, you can't feel it by merely reading it.

Now, get a lighted incense, press against your skin.

Feel it?


Mine is few times more painful.


She asked.


Egoism drove me into saying so.
Further, I paid. Of course I had to go on.

So she would give me 3 zaps on each spot - continuously.

For the more sensitive area, i.e., that with thinner skin, she would give 2 zaps - not continuously though.

The session lasted for around 15 minutes, with roughly 20 zaps inflicted.

For the first time I know, pain can actually cause a human to be sweaty.

And I smell burning air.
Good, the roots were burnt and dead.

So, first session ended, which means... 2 news.

The good one, it's not that painful for the 2nd time.

Bad one, I still have to suffer the same (maybe lesser) pain for 3 times.

No worries.
I'm only 24, and if i have 60 years of life span,
I can be clean for 36 years.

Yeala may have a few strands left, but at least it's cleaner.


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Bebee Lim said...

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