Sunday, June 26, 2011

I ran KL. I ran 21kms.

Whoa!! Have never been so semangat in blogging before!!!

See, it just happened few hours ago.
The ohm is still lingering around.
If I don't write it now,
the mood will drain off,
then i won't write about it anymore.

Make sense?


As titled.

How can I not be proud of myself?

During high school, I have never been the athletic type.
I joined St John simply because I didn't want to be involved in any kinds of sports.
Yes, I would rather spending hours in marching and standing still in the senang diri position than to run, or jump.

Listen to me, I have valid reasons.

I used to get involved in sports activities as well.

*look far, as in going down to memory lane*

I remember, on that significant day, I was practising for hurdles race.
Then, I couldn't approach the 3rd or 4th barrier.

Guess what happened?

I hit my vahjayjay against the barrier.


Well, if you are a guy, and have your crotch get kneed or kicked, you might understand.


No, that's not the end of the story.

The competition hasn't started yet.

I still have to go on.

Yea yea there should be a backup for me because man, I suffered serious injury!!

But still, I had no idea why I had to go on.

In the end, the teacher lowered all the barriers so that I could go for the race.
The other competitors should thank me for that.

So I was able to clear all the barriers, complete the race, with tears all over my face.

Others who didn't get to witness the incident must be wondering:
Need to be so touched or not?? 200m hurdles only ma....

No, they didn't understand.
Of course.

you see,
How can I not be phobic???

Then, some 10 years later, I got an Iphone 4.

(Man, this is like... totally irrelevant)

No, listen to me.
Stop interrupting me.

I downloaded this application named 'iMapMyRun'.
Basically, it's a tracker.
Being an ulu who had never seen such canggih stuff before,
I was amazed by its function:

Oh!!! It can track the route I have run!
Oh!!! It knows my distance of running!
Oh!!! It can show me my pace!!
Oh!!! I can even know the calories burned!!!


Uber Ulu right??

Don't mind the Uluness....

It was this application that get me serious into running.

I started to explore new routes.
I started to beat my own pace.
I started to extend my running time.

That was where I started.

I could accept 2kms.

4kms was tiring.

7kms was a killer.I completed it, but it was the hardest task I had ever accomplished.

And today, I ran 21kms.

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

I had been very chirpy on twitter, whining about how nervous I was last night.
I was afraid that I couldn't complete the route.
Man, I had never run 21kms before!!!
21kms, can you imagine??
This distance of traveling back and forth from my place, which is in Cheras, to my college, which is ATC at Petaling Street, is ngam ngam 21kms.

It's very long okay???

But no fear.
My friends have been feeding me with moral supports.
(only if I can survive by that...)
My grandma even made me ginseng so that I don't short of breath. #sweet #practical

And there it goes.

6.15am in the morning.
I was in the middle of the crowd.
Yes, other runners were blocking my way -
which, to my surprise, was an advantage to me.

So I tended to jog just because I couldn't run fast as usual.
Little baby, rapid steps.

Inhale through nose, 8 steps.

Exhale through mouth, 8 steps.

Occasionally, when the playlist played the songs I favour, I smiled.
I can smile through the whole song you know.
And to others, I understand that it's rather creepy smiling to myself.

But who cares?

So I set the runners as targets of overtaking.

'Okay, the woman with sheer purple top,'

'Next, the man with long pants.'

'Then, the botak.'

That was how I kept myself running.

You know what's the best part?

Usually when I run on the highway, I have to watch out for the vehicles.
Today, most of the roads were blocked for us. #queen

I know, I know. I can sense the impatient dead cold stares of the drivers.

Oh by the way. #abrupt
Almost elbow someone while taking this picture.
Sorry, that someone.

Every now and then,
there were volunteers standing by the roadside,
supposedly cheering for us.
Nevertheless, some of the volunteers looked so sour!!

Understandable though.
They had been standing for hours and they were bored.
So God sent someone like me to cheer them up, by smiling to them. *syok sendiri*
Not this kind of fake smile though.
I flashed them warm and genuine and loving smiles alright?

As you can see, everything went smooth,
until I felt the pain on my right knee at this point.

That would mean... I had to start walking.

I had been jogging, slowly but surely, steadily,
but my right knee started to protest.
I didn't feel like slowing down, I didn't feel like walking,
I feared that once I have started walking,
I wouldn't start running anymore. #struggle

My lungs have been working excellently,


I could even feel my ovaries dropping. Inch by inch. #illusion

I thought to myself,
well, at least, I have ran the furthest in my life.

Yea, I then started walk in intervals....

When I saw the word '20km', my eyes welled.
I mean, 1km left.
1000 freaking metres.
How great!!

Happiness does not last long though.

My friend Goh, who participated the 10km race, rang me up.

'Oi Shang, where are you?'
'I'm at the 20th km.'
*in a belittling tone* 'Har? You haven't finished yet??'
'What do you mean that I haven't finished yet??.... *scolding continue for about 30 seconds or so*'
'Okay okay I will try to meet you up at the finishing line'

This guy has the tendency to make me angry.

If it were others who said so, I wouldn't have been so heated up.

Seriously, I am amazed by myself.
I mean, I ran for 20kms,
and I still have the breath to scold someone while continue running.

*squint eyes*

Don't mess with me.

Anyway, I completed the route.

You know what's the best thing?

I have completed it within the qualifying time.Can see can see???

I estimated myself to finish within 3 hours 30 minutes,
and this is much faster than my own estimated time!!

2 hours and 53 minutes!!! #champion .. of self

Lesson: Don't underestimate yourselves. *winning
One more. Just to show that my earrings matches my hair band.
While the hair band matches the shirt.
*look out of the window*

Oh, it's raining now.
Thank you God.

Oh and, thanks to the parents of this pair of sisters who provided transportation.

Update: just gotten the picture from Tuan Wern's friend.And just got to know that I ranked 356th among some 955 runners.
Gun Time: 2:52:51
Net Time: 2:49:11


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your achievement! I had fun reading this and I sincerely hope you keep it up! God bless!

kirby said...

Oh thanks for telling me that, i already know

kirby said...

and it was supposed to be a "i thought you already finished it"

cherylmeryl said...

[anonymous] bless you too..
[kirby] I told u the exact thing on your face. it shows i'm not a hypocrite.

MY said...

ahahahaa!! tat pic "knee, y u no stronger", i keep on laughing when saw tat pic wif 'wat tat lou' face! hahahhaaaaa