Monday, May 23, 2011

10th Anniversary Trip @ NO, YOU DONNO WHO I AM


The sisterhood started when...

She used half a bottle of baby oil on her hair and didn't care if the crown looked greasy - she just wanted it to be neat. Not even a tiny strand of hair should stand up from the others.

She had the signature -_- facial expression in all her pictures. She appreciated the fact that smiling caused wrinkles and attempted to limit her facial expressions as few as she could.

She tried to go after her crushes, and got brutally rejected. She might not know that guys do not like pimple-covered face. Oh and her high forehead made her looked rather intelligent it intimidated.

*Disclaimer: Self asserted opinions. The characters didn't really think so.


Sisterhood has gradually grown to... 'wiveshood' and of course, they are no longer who they were a decade ago.

In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary, they went to somewhere which is 130kms from their home.

The then greasy-head.Beautiful light jet black hair

And the -_-Sexy neck.

Oh and this is the pimpled face.Rather well fed these days.

I know you are impressed with the tremendous changes.

I know right, you are disappointed when you know that this post has only 3 photos.
I know right, you feel you are eager to see more photos.
I know right, you miss me because you haven't seen me for quite some time.

I know right.

I feel you. *palm on chest. Sincere face*

I will post more stunning pictures one day.
I promise. *Palm still on chest, nod, and blink eyes*

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MY said...

ahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahaaa!! sopo!!

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